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Annual Report 2019

2019 was a good year, but 2020 will be uncertain for us all

2019 was a good year for the SINTEF Group. We achieved a net operating margin of 5.4 per cent, which is in line with our stated ongoing minimum target of 5 per cent. We experienced healthy growth in terms of sales, and at the start of 2020 our order books were healthy, with positive trends in most of SINTEF’s market segments.

All of which promises well for our future prospects. However, the times we live in are no longer normal, and the global crisis triggered by the coronavirus has created a virtual state of emergency across large parts of the world. As yet, we do not know what the consequences of this will be, and we may be facing very difficult months ahead. However, one thing is certain. Research and innovation will be even more crucial to the development and adaptivity of the business community and wider society when normality is eventually restored. This work cannot be brought to a halt by a crisis. SINTEF’s ambition is that our expertise and research shall make an active contribution during this difficult situation. However, now in April, it is very uncertain how the coronavirus crisis will impact on SINTEF’s activities and results for 2020 as a whole.

In March 2019, the SINTEF Board approved a new corporate strategy. The UN’s 17 sustainability goals now formally constitute the foundation of our work, and we are actively seeking growth opportunities that support these goals. I am pleased to be able to say that in 2019 our net sales linked to research and innovation activities grew by as much as 5.6 per cent, with the highest levels of growth in eco-friendly, digital research projects. SINTEF’s ambition is to be a world-leading research institute, operating with an independent and market-oriented focus, offering research conducted to the highest scientific standards and helping to promote commercial competitiveness among our clients and beneficial solutions for society as a whole.

In order to boost our opportunities to meet the aims of this strategy, we have implemented a number of measures that promote SINTEF’s multidisciplinarity by invoking collaboration between various research groups across the entire organisation. Multidisciplinarity is prerequisite for the creation of effective solutions to complex problems. With international specialist expertise in many fields of scientific research, SINTEF has great opportunities to participate in the development of the solutions of the future.

Alexandra Bech Gjørv

Alexandra Bech Gjørv, CEO
Alexandra Bech Gjørv, CEO (Photo: SINTEF/Geir Mogen)


SINTEF is one of Europe’s largest independent research organisations. Every year we carry out several thousand projects for customers large and small.

We deliver innovation by developing knowledge and technologies that are brought into practical use.

SINTEF is a broad, multidisciplinary research organisation with international top-level expertise in the fields of technology, the natural sciences, medicine and the social sciences. We conduct contract R&D as a partner for the private and public sectors, and we are one of the largest contract research institutions in Europe.

Our vision is Technology for a better society.

Science and innovation for clients all over the world over seven
Over seven out of ten co-workers are scientists

Highlights from the SINTEF-year 2019

Better fish welfare using “sensor” fish

Better fish welfare using “sensor” fish

The electronic “sensor” fish measures the physical factors that affect farmed fish during delousing. The results may lead to welfare improvements in salmon farm cages.

Still fewer pupils distracted by school desk computers

Still fewer pupils distracted by school desk computers

In the classroom, non-educational distractions are only a click or two away. However, a recent SINTEF report demonstrates that these thieves of school pupils’ attention are already being severely weakened.

What young people ask about when guaranteed anonymity

What young people ask about when guaranteed anonymity

An analysis of almost 300,000 unsolicited questions written by young Norwegians on the website, has provided major insights into what they’re really interested in today. Their bodies, health and identity are among the topics heading the list.

Basic safety measures will save lives in tunnels

Basic safety measures will save lives in tunnels

What has to happen to facilitate more effective rescues from tunnel fires? Researchers have been investigating how 80 research subjects wearing VR glasses reacted in a virtual tunnel fire. Their conclusion is that basic measures can save lives.

Report of the Board of Directors

2019 was a good year for the SINTEF Group.

We experienced an increase in demand and achieved excellent financial results in line with our objectives.

Our employees report high levels of motivation, team spirit and belief in the future, and our projects are receiving excellent feedback from our clients.

Key numbers 2019

Funding sources, employees and publications
Net operating revenues, Net operating margin and Investments
Equal opportunity

Key financial figures for research institutes

HSE Annual Report

At SINTEF, HSE issues are assigned the highest priority. This means ensuring that the working environment is both safe and serves to promote employees’ personal development, job satisfaction and good health. SINTEF is working systematically to ensure our employees’ safety and to safeguard their working environment. Our aim is to make sure that our HSE standards are in accordance with SINTEF’s overall strategy, policy and objectives on HSE issues.

SINTEF’s main strategy defines four general objectives for HSE-related work.

  • We shall maintain a sound and health-promoting working environment
  • We shall achieve zero occupational sickness absence
  • We shall incur zero levels of accident, injury, damage and loss
  • We shall operate with a clear environmental profile

SINTEF Annual report 2019 as pdf