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Green Aviation Gemini Centre

The Paris Agreement requires a deep transformation of the aviation industry to zero-emission technologies. Among others, electric propulsion and hydrogen are alternative fuels for more sustainable aviation. In order to achieve market readiness, disruptive technologies are needed, which in turn require interdisciplinary research and development.

Centre management

Jonas K. Nøland

Jonas K. Nøland

Associate Professor NTNU - Department of Electric Power Engineering
Ida Hjorth

Ida Hjorth

Research Manager

The Green Aviation Gemini Centre is a collaboration hub in the following areas:

  1. Strategic interdisciplinary cooperation among the centre partners with the goal of achieving zero-emissions aviation;
  2. Organisation of research-oriented events, such as workshops and lectures, promotion of conferences within the network, and participation in public events in order to increase awareness of the Centre’s research activities and goals;
  3. Coordination of the establishment of ground-breaking laboratory infrastructure, and enablement of increased sharing of existing laboratories;
  4. Alignment and technical coordination of the partners in order to establish excellent research centres;
  5. Internationalisation through coordinating centre partners’ involvement in the European partnership, Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking, in which NTNU and SINTEF are partners.

The centre also focuses on education and aims to lay the foundation for future education activities within sustainable aviation.

The centre started as a partnership between SINTEF Energy Research, SINTEF Digital and the Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). However, the partnership will expand to include more SINTEF departments and faculties at NTNU in the future.