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Gemini Centre Batteries

Lunch seminar on stationary energy storage

Tuesday December 5th the Geminisenter Batteri organized a lunch seminar focusing on stationary energy storage.

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There were close to 30 participants from several departments and institutes in SINTEF and NTNU in addition to 4 invited industry stakeholders. The seminar started with lunch and mingling and continued with 4 exciting and relevant presentations from research and industry.

Jonatan Klemets from SINTEF Energy started by giving and overview of the work done in the project BaSS – Electrochemical battery for voltage support in distribution grid, where one of SINTEFs tasks have been simulation of different scenario for implementation of batteries in the electric grid. Technoeconomic calculations have also been done to evaluate both long- and short-term profitability. Solveig Askevold Ulsund and Siri Førsund Bjerland from Aneo presented Aneo’s battery concepts for zero emission construction sites. Aneo provides portable charging stations which can be used to charge electric vehicles and excavators used on the construction sites. They showed user data and how Aneo works to optimize charging and use based on daily fluctuations in electricity prices.

The following presentation was by Bryte, which is a start-up located in Trondheim with focus on redox flow batteries. Ask Ibsen Lindal from Bryte started by giving an introduction to different flow battery technologies, both market ready and lower TRL concepts. He also provided information on Bryte’s ongoing projects. The final presentation of the day was by Alexis Sevault from CARTESIAN, a newly established spin-off from SINTEF Energy. CARTESIAN provides thermal energy storage systems based on technology developed at SINTEF Energy. Below is a list of presenters and title of their contributions.

  • Jonatan Klemets (SINTEF Energy) – Batteries for voltage support in the distribution grid
  • Solveig Askevold Ulsund and Siri Førsund Bjerland (Aneo) – Building tomorrow: Battery technology on construction site
  • Ask Ibsen Lindal (Bryte) – Current status for flow batteries and development at Bryte
  • Alexis Sevault (CARTESIAN) – Cartesian: Thermal energy flexibility with heat & cold energy storage