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Gemini Centre Batteries

The research activities at the four participating departments mainly cover the areas of materials development and production, battery cell production and production processes as well as integration and battery management systems.

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NTNU DMSE and SINTEF Industry have been collaborating closely for many years. Since the research activity on Li-ion batteries started about 15 years ago, they have collectively established laboratory scale infrastructure for battery cell production and characterization, and they are both partners in FME MoZEES which is in their final year of operation in 2024. In parallel, research activities on battery management, charging infrastructure and integration of batteries have developed at SINTEF Energy and NTNU DEE. Battery technology research is considered strategically important for all four institutes. And one of the goals of the Gemini Centre for batteries is to strengthen existing collaborative efforts between SINTEF and NTNU in addition to establishing new relations covering several parts of the battery value chain. 

Several other research groups belonging to other departments at SINTEF or NTNU have also started building knowledge and competence within battery technology. These groups will be included in the Gemini Centre activities. Through targeted and well-structured collaboration, it is a goal to establish SINTEF and NTNU in the forefront as leading research partners in battery technology, both in Europe and globally.  

Relevant topics for collaboration 

The main focus for collaboration between NTNU and SINTEF will be research and development within selected parts of the battery value chain: 

  • Li-ion battery materials (anodes, cathodes, electrolytes)
  • Alternative battery chemistry
  • Celle production 
  • Testing and lifetime analysis 
  • Integration of batteries in mobile and stationary applications 
  • 2nd life batteries

A certain focus will also be given to establishing and developing a national infrastructure for battery research.  

Centre kick-off

Fride Vullum-Bruer

The Centre held its official internal kick-off at the NTNU Gløshaugen campus in Trondheim on 28 april 2022. Leader Fride Vullum-Bruer, shown here speaking at the event, hopes the centre will enable large national initiatives in the field of battery research, such as an FME (Centre for Environment-friendly Energy Research) or an SFI (Centre for Research-based innovation).