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A steady course in turbulent times

2022 was a good year for SINTEF Energy Research, both scientifically and financially.

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Despite a turbulent world, characterised by a global pandemic and war, we have managed to adapt and maintain our strong commitment to ensuring safe, sustainable energy at a reasonable cost.

We cannot ignore the ongoing energy war from Russia, which has led to terrible suffering for the Ukrainian people and disrupted energy supply to Europe.
This has resulted in an energy crisis, highlighting the importance of our contribution to reducing vulnerability and developing a more resilient energy system.

Our primary task is to contribute to a sustainable energy system while supporting a competitive Norwegian business sector. Through our national and European projects, we play a crucial role in achieving both national and international goals for a sustainable energy transition.

In last year's annual report, I emphasised that to achieve climate goals, we must work on solutions for both the short and long term. This principle is just as relevant this year as it was last year. The Energy Commission's report, presented earlier this year, also underscores the need for a shift in pace and a comprehensive transformation of the energy system. Time is of the essence, and the transformation requires more efficient and flexible energy usage, investments in various forms of renewable power, and increased grid capacity.
These are areas we address in close collaboration with NTNU, the industry, and stakeholders, with significant attention to the complex challenges related to environmental and human considerations.

It's not a simple task, but I am confident in our ability to keep contributing.
Our team is growing, we have a high scientific output, possess world-leading laboratories, and maintain a close partnership with NTNU and the Norwegian business sector that positions us well for collective success.

In this annual report, you can learn more about how our major projects are at the forefront of the green digital transformation. I am proud of our achievements in 2022, and I look forward to continuing our efforts to address the significant challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

I want to express my gratitude to all our employees, partners, and stakeholders for their dedication and contributions. Together, we will build a sustainable future for the energy sector and society as a whole.

Best regards,
Inge Gran
May 2023