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SMS from OSLO VAV - Secure and Monitored Service from Oslo VAV: First periodic progress report Project objectives, work progress and achievements, project management


This report summarises the goals, results achieved and deviations from the plan of the SMS from OSLO VAV project after 8 months of activity. The report is meant as a summary for the Regionale forskningsfond's board committee. Technical details will not be included in this report, but will be provided if requested.
The project work is overall well on track. A main challenge, however, was related to the quality of the information system and data to be used in one of the statistical models applied and the selection of the case studies for three research activities that took longer time than expected, however the research activity is now in line with the plan.
About 67 % of the budget has been spent up to now, since the start of the feasibility studies in the selected case studies was postponed requiring a consequent shift in the use of the resources.
The project team has been very active during the first 8 months and collaboration has been very good, as also confirmed via letter by the personnel of Oslo VAV.
The project will continue for 2 more years. One priority for 2013 will be to develop a strategic plan for involvement of industries to implement the projects results.
Oppdragsgiver: Regionale forskningsfond hovedstaden
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