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A Reference Model for Plug and Play


Plug-and-play (from now on PaP) for network and teleservice component s means that the hardware and software "parts", as well as complete n etwork elements that constitute a communication system, have the abil ity to configure themselves when installed into a network (to plug) a nd then to provide services (to play) according to their own capabili ties, the service repertoire and the operating policies of th e system . The Project "Plug-and-play for Network and Teleservice Comp onents" supported by The Norwegian Support Council and The Norwegian Univers ity of Science and Technology is working with an architecture concept for Plug-and-play. The vision is a concept to be used to simp lify an d speed up the tasks of deployment, installation operation, managemen t, maintenance and evolution of various types of telecommunic ation eq uipment and services. The project idea is to specify this architectur e and then develop and experiment with parts of this architec ture con cept. This report is a first step towards the architecture specificat ion. After the presentation of the vision and research idea, the req uired properties of a PaP system are defined. PaP components and obje






  • Finn Arve Aagesen
  • Rolv Bræk
  • Jacqueline Floch
  • Bjarne Emil Helvik
  • Ulrik Albert Johansen
  • Hein Meling
  • Vilas Wuwongse


  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology
  • SINTEF Digital / Software Engineering, Safety and Security




NTNU,Department of Telematics



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