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Jacqueline Floch

Senior Research Scientist

My research focus is the innovative applications of digital technologies towards a smarter and inclusive society. Social sustainability, user participation and empowerment, and user centered design have top priority on my research agenda.
I have experience from different domains, e.g., health, crisis management and digital democracy.
I earlier did research on model-driven software engineering and system architectures, and I therefore also good undertanding on the making of software systems.


Ingénieur civil de l´École Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications, Paris, 1983.
Dr. Ing, Dept of Telematics, Norwegian University of Science and Techology (NTNU), 2003.

Competence and research areas

Digital technologies, digital inclusion, user empowerment, user centered design.





Contact info

Visiting address:
Strindvegen 4