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Microplastic in the coral reef environments of the Gulf of Mannar, India - Characteristics, distributions, sources and ecological risks


Microplastics (MPs; particles <5 mm) are widely distributed in various habitats from the land to the oceans. They have even reached the remotest of places, including the deep seas and Polar Regions. Although research on MPs pollution in the marine environment has received widespread attention in recent years, the distribution, sources and ecological risks of MPs in coastal areas remain unclear. This study assessed the abundance, characteristics, sources and ecological risk of MPs in surface waters and sediment of the mainland coast and four island groups comprising the coral reef environment of the Gulf of Mannar (GoM), southeast India. Mean MPs abundance across all 95 sampling sites ranged from 28.4 to 126.6 items L-1 in water and from 31.4 to 137.6 items kg-1 in sediment. MP fibers <2 mm dominated the water, while fragments >3 mm were predominant in sediments. Polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) were the most common polymers in both matrices. The major proportion of MPs in the GoM derived from land-based sources, with distance to the mainland, coastal population density and improper handling of solid waste being the main factors influencing the abundance of MPs. Polymer Hazard Index (PHI), Pollution Load Index (PLI) and Potential Ecological Risk Index (PERI) were used to assess current levels of MPs. While the GoM has high PHI values (>1000) resulting from MPs with high hazard scores (e.g. polyamide, polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride), the PLI values (1.46 and 1.51) indicate low MPs pollution levels in GoM waters and sediments, and the PERI values (31.7 and 24.4) indicate that this represents a minor ecological risk. The results from the current study enhance our understanding of the characteristics, sources, and associated environmental risks of MPs to marine ecosystems. This data may provide a baseline for future monitoring and the formulation of environmental policy.


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  • Jamila Patterson
  • K. Immaculate Jeyasanta
  • R.L. Laju
  • Andrew Booth
  • Narmatha Sathish
  • J.K. Patterson Edward


  • Unknown
  • SINTEF Ocean / Climate and Environment



Published in

Environmental Pollution (1987)









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