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Piezoelectric MEMS development in SINTEF


SINTEF is an independent research institute that has experience with making piezoMEMS devices since 2002. Our competences cover the whole process from idea and design, through materials development and process integration to device fabrication to packaging. SINTEF develops piezoMEMS in-house and in collaboration with our customers and partners but also has a key strategy to be a developer of new devices ( SINTEF has a proven track record of successful concepts, devices and projects like e.g. the T-Lens currently being commercialized by poLight ( and the StreetHopper by Polewall (
A key to success in piezoMEMS has been to both have deep material and MEMS competence that has resulted in successful PZT and MEMS process integration. The SINTEF labs are also very flexible compared to a production foundry and is thus ideal for development and testing of new materials and processes. The continuing research in material science and fabrication processes at SINTEF ensures continued development of state-of-the-art technology. This is done in collaboration projects like the H2020 program. Recently started developments include thin films of lead-free KNN and relaxor materials such as PMN-PT.
SINTEF has two commercial PZT deposition tools based on PLD (pulsed laser deposition) and CSD (chemical solution deposition) and is hence well equipped for deposition of thin film piezoelectrics and other functional materials up to 200 mm wafers.


Academic lecture




  • SINTEF Digital / Microsystems and Nanotechnology
  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology
  • SINTEF Industry / Sustainable Energy Technology

Presented at

Piezo 2017 - Electroceramics for End-Users IX


Cercedilla, Madrid


19.02.2017 - 22.02.2017



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