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The CloudScale Method for Managers


Having described the CloudScale method for engineering scalable cloud computing applications in the previous chapters, we explicitly address managers of software development processes in this chapter. It answers questions managers have in mind when considering the CloudScale method: Is it worth implementing the CloudScale method in my organization? What does it take? What are the benefits? What will be the costs? How should I get started? This chapter addresses all these questions and provides answers based on our own experience that we gained when introducing and applying the CloudScale method in practice. In the course of the chapter, we distinguish two types of managers: project managers, who are concerned with managing project teams that implement the business requirements, and technical managers, who manage the actual development efforts and take technical decisions.

The chapter is structured as follows. After a brief introduction (cf. Sect. 8.1), it first addresses project managers. We illustrate key considerations that project managers should be making when applying the CloudScale method (cf. Sect. 8.2). Afterward, we sketch how the CloudScale method interacts with other development processes (cf. Sect. 8.3) and what its pros and cons are (cf. Sect. 8.4). The remainder of the chapter addresses technical managers. First, it sketches a pilot project in Sect. 8.5 to guide the discussion. Using this pilot, in Sect. 8.6, we briefly outline how to set up CloudScale’s IDE, which can be complemented by third-party tools introduced in Sect. 8.7. We apply the CloudScale method on the pilot in Sect. 8.8.


Academic chapter/article/Conference paper


  • Research Council of Norway (RCN) / 256669




  • Steffen Becker
  • Gunnar Brataas
  • Mariano Cecowski
  • Darko Huljenic
  • Sebastian Lehrig
  • Ivana Stupar


  • University of Stuttgart
  • SINTEF Digital / Software Engineering, Safety and Security
  • Slovenia
  • Croatia
  • Ireland






Engineering Scalable, Elastic, and Cost-Efficient Cloud Computing Applications: The CloudScale Method




149 - 165

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