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PROMAC: Energy-efficient processing of seaweeds in blue-green value chains


PROMAC is a research project investigating seaweeds as novel raw materials for human food and domestic animal feed applications. Three different species of seaweed (Alaria esculenta, Saccharina latissima and Palmaria palmata), all with significant potential for commercial cultivation in Norway as well as distinct raw material qualities, are being evaluated as alternative sources of proteins and energy in animal feed, and for their health benefits as human food. The project (i) assesses variation of raw material composition and quality from both harvested and cultured seaweed biomass in relation to environmental and biological factors, (ii) develops primary processes (washing / dehydration, maturation) which will enhance desired raw material properties, (iii) establishes fractionation and extraction methods best suited to enrich beneficial proteins or remove undesirable anti-nutrients and (iv) evaluates nutritional and health values of processed macroalgal ingredients for various animal groups and in relation to their distinct digestive systems. PROMAC also addresses the high energy requirements associated with processing (especially drying, but also secondary processing) of macroalgae as an aquatic raw material. We use the case study of a waste incinerator located on the coast as a model for utilising excess energy from industrial plants in marine bio-based value chains. PROMAC will evaluate benefits and costs of macroalgal products along such value chains (from raw material to market and consumer) through product-based Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) and business model evaluations). The project started in 2015, and first results, integrated across work packages and subject fields, will be presented.




  • Research Council of Norway (RCN) / 244244




  • Annelise Sabine Chapman
  • Inga Marie Aasen
  • Erlend Indergård
  • Hélène Marfaing
  • Johan Oppen
  • Oddmund Oterhals
  • Ronan Pierre
  • Michael Y Roleda
  • Pierrick Francois Denis Stévant
  • Per Magne Walde


  • Møre og Romsdal Research Foundation
  • Unknown
  • SINTEF Ocean / Fisheries and New Biomarine Industry
  • Molde University College - Specialized University in Logistics
  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Presented at

International Seaweed Symposium




19.06.2016 - 24.06.2016


International Seaweed Association



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