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Integration of market and network models for enhanced power system and reliability analysis


This paper describes an on-going work to develop an integrated methodology (SAMREL) incorporating power market analysis via power flow and contingency analysis to delivery point reliability analysis, including societal impacts such as high energy prices and interruption costs. The different modules and methodologies are outlined in the paper and possible applications are discussed followed by an example demonstrating the methodology for a real case in Norway. Integration of the market and network models provides a comprehensive and consistent methodology for the chain of analyses. Such integrated methodology will improve both the market simulations and the reliability assessment through a better information exchange and interaction between the different parts of the chain and more consistent input to the various analyses. The SAMREL methodology is based on a power market simulator, a power flow model and a newly developed methodology for reliability and interruption cost assessment. The integration of models is made possible through the choice of a modular structure and a definition of the interfaces and needs for information exchange between the different modules. These models are primarily suitable for planning purposes. The integrated methodology will therefore in the first phase be applicable for short and long term planning, such as investment analysis, optimization of operation, maintenance planning, as well as reliability and interruption cost assessment. The concept will be suitable also for online operation, however requiring a higher level of details in data and models. The chosen modular structure allows for further development of the different modules and adaptation of the interfaces, preparing for more applications and future needs. The major benefit of the integrated methodology described in this paper is the possibilities to make a consistent analysis of societal impacts of energy or capacity shortage and interruptions, providing information about high energy prices, risk of load curtailment and interruption costs for delivery points.


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  • SINTEF Energy Research / Energisystemer
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CIGRE (Conseil international des grands réseaux électriques)


42nd International Conference on Large High Voltage Electric Systems 2008, CIGRE 2008



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