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Snow for the future

Snow for the future

Snow for the future will produce artificial snow smart and green


One of the great pleasures of the cold winters in Norway is ski games and winter sports. But because of climate change and lack of snow both ski games and winter sports are threatened.

In our project "Snow for the future", research scientists at SINTEF and NTNU want to develop new and better solutions for snowmaking at ski resorts.

One of the main aspects will be to look at how it is possible to produce snow regardless of outside temperature and develop energy-efficient solutions for this.

Snowmaking with heat pump
The project will focus on systems that ensure that this can be achieved in a sustainable manner, without the artificial snow causing damage to the environment. For example, by developing heat pumps where the cold side can be used to produce snow, while the warm side is used for heating purposes.

Snow for the future will also conduct research on storage and reuse.

Phase 1 of the project has received MNOK 2.35 grant from the Ministry of Culture. In addition, Trondheim Municipality, the Norwegian Ski Federation, Norwegian Biathlon Association and NTNU contributed so that the total budget is MNOK 3.55. The plan is to implement the first phase during 2017. Then followed by Phase 2 with a duration of four more years.

Published 22 February 2017
Research Scientist

Project duration

2017 - 2021