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SINTEF Technology and Society will be integrated into other SINTEF institutes from 1 July 2018.

We re-organise the research activities to achieve closer integration of social science and technology research, as well as strengthening research areas such as, health, transport, technology management, safety and security, digital transformation and working life.

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Internationalization of Norwegian offshore wind industry

Internationalization of Norwegian offshore wind industry

Europe needs more green energy. Offshore wind power is an expanding market for Norwegian maritime industry.

In many Northern European countries, offshore wind power is part of a solution for developing renewable energy, energy security and green industrial growth.

A new research project (InNOWiC - Internationalization of Norwegian Offshore Wind Capabilities) funded through the EnergiX-programme of the Research Council of Norway will explore the development of competitive capabilities for internationalization of Norwegian maritime and offshore firms into the offshore
wind markets in the UK, Germany and France. The main aim of InNOWiC is to
develop new knowledge on the opportunities and barriers for Norwegian firms to
succeed abroad.

Project partners:

  • Department of Geography (NTNU) - project owner
  • Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management (NTNU)
  • SINTEF Technology and Society, Department of Industrial Management
  • Newcaste University/CURDS
Published 25 January 2016
Senior Research Scientist

Project duration

2016 - 2020