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DeFACTO - Demonstration of Flow Assurance for CO2 Transport Operations

DeFACTO - Demonstration of Flow Assurance for CO2 Transport Operations

DeFACTO will enable and improve large-scale CO2 transport and injection by enhancing understanding of CO2 pipes and injection wells.

Heat transfer rig with 1 meter long piece of real Snøhvit CO2 pipeline that can be submerged in variable surrounding medium (Photo: Statoil)
  • Desire to increase understanding of interaction between CO2 rich well flows with reservoir water. The project builds on earlier BIP project CO2 IT IS competence and infrastructure.  Depressurization, shut-in, steady state injection and start-up experiments will be executed, after designing and construction a vertical demonstration well.
  • Improve quality of simulation tools for CO2 flow simulation and build knowledge on well and well reservoir interaction necessary for further CCS realization.
  • SINTEF will contribute with expert knowledge on infrastructure design of CO2 transport systems and modelling and simulations of pipe dynamics as well as fluid properties. SINTEF will be responsible for constructing the facility at Gløshaugen in Trondheim, and executing the experimental campaign. In-house codes for fluid dynamics and thermodynamics will be used for planning, design verification and comparison of results.
  • SINTEF Energi AS, Equinor ASA and Total E&P Norge AS are partners.
  • DeFACTO is a CLIMIT Demo project which is partially funded by Gassnova.
Published 16 September 2014
Research Manager

Project duration

2013 - 2019