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Creating material banks from digital urban mining

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Photo: Dag Ivar Brekke / LPO Arkitekter

SUM4Re proposes a comprehensive approach to creating material banks from the built environment by combining urban mining and technologies for automated on-site data acquisition and building materials identification and asset components.

The project aims to achieve nine objectives, including developing a traceability system for building materials, developing a holistic methodological framework for assessing circular use of construction products, and developing on-site and off-site smart digital solutions to identify construction entities and analyse their properties.

The methodology of SUM4Re is based on a systemic approach that encompasses three main activities: identification, analysis, and contribution to circularity.

The project aims to develop software tools and databases based on robust identification assisted by AI and other digital techniques, supported by blockchain solutions, and consider circular economy processes such as Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle, and Renovate.

SUM4Re will improve the BIM standard to support current circular (C-BIM) challenges, following open standards and ensuring interoperability with commercial databases.


Pilot 1 - Tertiary building & urban asset in San Sebastian, Spain 
Pilot 2 - Urban district transformation in Den Hague, The Netherlands
Pilot 3 - Residential building in Longyearbyen, Norway


17 partners from 9 countries: 


Two construction companies: MOYUA and AFDECOM

Three research centres: TECN, SINTEF, VTT

Two academic institutions: University of Vigo (coordinator) and THUAS

Two public institutions (CTH and Store Norske Boliger AS) and one non-profit association (EBC).

Project type and financing

HORIZON-RIA. Total: 6 M€ / SINTEF: 500 k€




Key Factors

Project duration

2024 - 2028