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SwoP - Impact of switched voltage waveforms on power components and grids

Work Packages

WP 1: Partial Discharge initiation and detection

  • Initiation of PD: Understand and experimentally verify impact of statistical time lag, space charge and SCLF for initiation of PD to develop reliable factory testing of components.
  • Detection and characterization of PD under ns rise time stresses: Develop methods using electrical, VHF/UHF and optical signal acquisition to detect and characterize PD under nanosecond rise time stresses.
  • On-line PD detection system for noisy environments: A measuring system using the most promising sensor technologies and digital signal processing will be implemented in a system for measuring PD under PEC stresses in relevant environments.

WP2: Long term degradation and reliability

  • Liquid insulation systems: Investigate degradation over time in silicone gel and impregnated insulation for transformers to provide knowledge about long term degradation and probability of failure in liquid insulation systems.
  • Solid insulation systems: This task will investigate degradation on surfaces and internal defects in solid insulation systems.
    Test object geometry/combined insulation systems: Investigate how materials and model testing can be used to predict reliability in more complex components.
  • Classification of defects: Use quantitative, statistical, hybrid, and data driven methods for interpretation and classification of partial discharge activity.

WP 3: High frequency, high strength electric field detection (PhD)

  • Novel methods for EM-field detection: Develop methods for measuring electric field strength and voltage distribution on high voltage rotating machine field grading under PEC stress.
  • Modelling/prediction of voltage distribution under PEC Stresses: Methods for modelling voltage distribution/stress and joule heating in non-linear field grading materials will be developed.

WP 4: Stress mapping and prediction

  • Internal and external component stress: Develop frequency-dependent models for apparatuses in wind farms, and motor drives for use in Electromagnetic Transient (EMT) programs.
  • System-wide modelling of stresses: Using the obtained models, set up relevant systems in suitable EMT programs for time domain simulations.
  • On-site measurements in laboratory environment: Develop and build laboratory facility for testing of methods and models – scaled to be representative but still economically feasible.