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RESILIAGE - Advancing holistic understanding of community RESILIence and heritAGE drivers through community-based methodologies

RESILIAGE will unlock Europe's hidden resource: community resilience. Through digital tools and soft solutions, it will revolutionise DRM, co-create resilient communities, inclusion, and more, with a holistic approach.

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RESILIAGE's mission is to enhance our comprehension of the behavior and psychological reactions of diverse societal groups affected by natural and man-made disasters, ultimately bolstering community resilience. Through proactive and participatory engagement with a wide range of stakeholders and end users, RESILIAGE strives to collaboratively create digital tools and soft solutions. These innovations are designed to support first responders and public authorities, empower citizens, and facilitate the dissemination of accurate and accessible information before, during, and after disasters.

Integral to the success of RESILIAGE is SINTEF's role as the coordinator of the CORE labs and their responsibility for all validation exercises. The validation process is pivotal in ensuring the effectiveness and suitability of the digital tools and soft solutions. It employs a comprehensive, systemic approach to Disaster Risk Management, accounting for various hazards. This validation takes place within the framework of five Community Resilience labs and their interconnected networks.

The results and knowledge gained through this collaborative effort will provide critical insights and lessons that will inform guidelines and policy recommendations. These recommendations will serve to strengthen preparedness plans, align with the SENDAI framework, and enhance strategies for Climate Change Adaptation. In essence, RESILIAGE's multifaceted approach aims to fortify community resilience, enabling societies to respond effectively and cultivate enduring resilience in an ever-changing world.

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2023 - 2026



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