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PROTOSTACK - Tubular Proton Ceramic Stacks for pressurized hydrogen production

The project aims to demonstrate the competitive advantage of Pressurized Proton Ceramic Electrolysis (PCCEL) technology. The central concept of PROTOSTACK is a new stack technology with tolerance for high pressure operation, and experimentally demonstrate its operation up to 30 bar in a 5kW stack panel.

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The stack design is based on a tubular cell architecture, which is inherently better suited for pressurized operation compared to planar stacks and offers possibility for operation under differential pressures. The basic design of the stack concept is illustrated in figure 1. The novel compact and modular technology will be based on a ca. 400W stack, which can be easily replicated and assembled in multiple stack panels to build up capacity.

The project will demonstrate capacity of 5kW. Each stack will consist of up to six Single Repeating Units (SRU), electrically connected in series using a specialized interconnect and integrated glass ceramic sealant. Each SRU will contain 6 tubular proton ceramic-based cells and other key enabling technologies (KETs) such as interconnects and seals.

Project duration: 2023 - 2025
Total budget: 2.5 M €
Funding source: Funded by the European Union

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Project duration

01/01/2023 - 31/12/2025