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Marie-Laure Fontaine

Research Manager

Research Manager at SINTEF since March 2021; previously senior research scientist focus on sustainable energy technologies for hydrogen, chemicals and fuel production


PhD in Materials Science and Engineering at CIRIMAT in Toulouse focusing on porosity and composition graded electrodes for SOFCs

Competence and research areas

Electrolyser and fuel cell technologies based on solid oxides and proton conducting electrolyte (SOCs and PCCs)
Ammonia production or cracking by electrochemical reactors
Inorganic gas separation membranes for O2, CO2, H2 separation
Ceramic processing for manufacturing of multilayered systems (including cells and stacks, membranes, etc) based on wet processing (extrusion, dip coating, screen printing, etc.)
Sintering study
Nanostructured materials : synthesis and integrating in layered systems




Contact info

Visiting address:
Forskningsveien 1