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NordiCoats - New biobased epoxy compounds for high-performance applications


NordiCoats primary objective is to assemble a platform for the development of more sustainable epoxy binders by integrating biotechnological and chemo-synthetic approaches and demonstrate its function within the field of marine and protective high-performance coatings.

  • Develop New Bio-Based Epoxy Solutions: Create safer, potentially recyclable epoxy-based solutions that are bio-based and match performances.
  • Address Environmental and Health Concerns: Offer alternatives to compounds like bisphenol A (BPA) and mitigating associated health and environmental risks.
  • Promote Green Transition: Leveraging industrial biotechnology to contribute to the shift towards more sustainable chemical and materials sectors.
  • Enhance Performance and Sustainability: Ensure that the new bio-based epoxy are close to relevant benchmarks while being more environmentally friendly.
  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Utilize the strengths of research organisations and commercial partners to cover the entire value chain.
  • Knowledge and Competence Development: Generate new knowledge, methodologies, and competencies.