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NextGrid - Next generation monitoring and control in the distribution network

NextGrid aims to develop solutions for the future operation of the power grid. In this project, grid companies' operations centres are being prepared for a future where the operation of the distribution grid is more complex and automated.

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The solutions being developed should be smart and comprehensive, which means making full use of new sensor data, active measures within the electricity network, and the available flexibility from customers. The goal of the project is a more cost-effective electrification and decarbonisation of society.

To reach climate goals, society must be electrified. It is not possible to meet climate goals without leveraging the grid more efficiently. Currently, the operation of local and regional distribution networks mainly relies on manual processes, and grid companies have limited options to address operational challenges.

The current way of managing the network requires significant safety margins in capacity. NextGrid aims to empower grid companies to face a future with more varied and unpredictable power flows in a grid that operates closer to its capacity limit.

The technologies required for the operation of smart grids are largely available, but the implementation and scaling of these solutions are progressing too slowly. The reason is the lack of crucial tools both in control centres and in the interaction between different systems. Therefore, the development of the next generation’s monitoring and control must be accelerated.

Through NextGrid, the partners in the project will collaborate to develop and test new:

  • Thermal monitoring systems
  • Operational planning tools
  • Data integration systems

The innovations made in the project will be tested and verified through trials at the Sustainable Energy Catapult Center and the National Smart Grid Laboratory. All partners are challenged to create solutions that both work on their own and fit together like 'building blocks' in a larger solution.

The innovations developed in the project will position the Norwegian industry as a global provider of smart grid solutions.


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NextGrid is funded by the partners and the The Green Platform Initiative, managed by the Research Council of Norway, Innovation Norway, and Siva


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Project duration

2023 - 2025

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