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HumanTech - Human-centred technologies for a safer and greener construction industry

HumanTech is an EU-project aiming to make the construction industry safer, greener, and more efficient.

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Human Tech Project

Challenges in the construction industry

The construction industry plays an important role in the European economy, contributing almost 9% to its GDP.

But the industry faces several challenges:

  • Shortage of skilled workers
  • Slow technology adoption
  • Worker safety and productivity
  • Inefficiency in using resources

HumanTech develops new solutions for the construction industry

Our goal with HumanTech is to develop new technologies that will help digitalize the construction industry. Some of these technologies include:

  • Robotic devices with vision and intelligence
  • Smart equipment to protect and support workers
  • New technologies called Dynamic Semantic Digital Twins (DSDTs)

The industry will become safer and more productive. This will create a new generation of highly skilled professionals, and accelerate the transition to green construction.


With our innovations, we aim at:

  • A 10x increase in the adoption of exoskeletons in construction.
  • A 30% decrease in construction worker injuries.
  • A 20% minimum reduction in waste and CO2 emissions.
  • A 50% decrease in safety inspection time.
  • An identification rate of fall hazards at 90%..

Five industrial pilot cases

We will test the HumanTech technologies in five different construction sites across Europe and Japan. We will use these demonstrators to gather feedback and improve our approach.

Examples of projects include: using robots to lay concrete bricks in a building where cranes can't be used, and using robots to perform demolition work safely and efficiently.

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Project partners

22 partners from 10 different countries are participating in the project.


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Project funding

The project is funded by the European Commission.
Programme: Horizon Europe Framework (HORIZON).
Call: Twin Green and Digital Transition 2021.

Key Factors

Project duration

06/01/2021 - 31/05/2025