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Circular value chain for smart ear tags - CircleTag

An increased focus on efficient and sustainable animal welfare and food safety has contributed to increased requirements for registration and tracking of farm animals worldwide. RealTimeID offers a new type of active electronic ear tag suitable for small livestock moving over large areas supporting accurate identification, livestock registers and pedigrees, movement reports, traceability and animal welfare.

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Photo: SINTEF, Maria Thomassen

By using RealtimeID's system for ear tags, livestock owners will receive precise information about identification, position, family relations and animal health for each individual, among other things. New regulations from the EU, including the new "Animal Health Law", entail protection of animal health and welfare, enhance disease prevention and control measures, and improve traceability of animals and animal products.  The information is important for the registration and tracking of animals, as well as monitoring and detecting deviations in real time. The solution has been developed in Norway and has a significant export potential. The project is developing mass production for electronic earmarks for livestock on a large scale and a circular value chain. This will ensure ear tags at a competitive price, and the ability to deliver large volumes of tags to the market in line with market growth.

The idea is to develop a circular value chain for smart ear tags, which will enable real-time monitoring and tracking of low-value animals at the individual level and thus contribute to efficient and sustainable animal welfare and food safety. Such a circular value chain, with full traceability of the product in production, use phase and end-of-life, is a major novelty in the international industry for livestock management.

Figure: SINTEF

The research will contribute to developing new knowledge, methods and tools necessary to solve challenges to the mass production of electronic ear tags and the establishment of a circular value chain. The results of the research will contribute to the development of new concepts and solutions that are tested in real life environments. In the project, RealTimeID AS collaborates with the R&D supplier SINTEF Digital, and we also have a close dialogue with important actors in the value chain, including livestock owners and slaughterhouses. SINTEF contributes to realising the idea of developing new production, value chain and logistics for the earmarks through concept development, design, analysis and modelling of relevant solutions.

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2023 - 2025


The Research Council of Norway

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