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The overall objective of this project is sustainable biocarbon value chains for the metallurgical industries.

The sub-objectives are:

  1. Broadening of the biomass resource base for the specific metallurgical processes, including biomass pretreatment,
  2. Identifying enhanced biocarbon production processes and scale-up requirements of these to produce optimum yields and qualities,
  3. Developing methods for upgrading biocarbon and biooil to increase their suitability for the specific metallurgical processes,
  4. Sustainability assessment of value chain performance of existing and improved metallurgical processes and connected systems for different metallurgical industries in Norway,
  5. Assessment of the future role of woody biomass for reductants and materials in the Norwegian metallurgical industry within the context of progress towards the UN SDGs,
  6. Increasing expertise throughout the biocarbon value chains for the metallurgical industries,
  7. Education of highly skilled candidates within this area and training of industry partners,
  8. Monitoring of activities and state-of-the-art within this area and dissemination of knowledge to the industry partners, and other interested parties when applicable.