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NordIQuEst — Nordic-Estonian Quantum Computing e-Infrastructure Quest

NordIQuEst aims to provide a quantum computing platform customised to the needs of the Nordic region.

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The infrastructure will be tightly coupled with the pre- exascale LUMI supercomputer. NordIQuEst will thus strengthen the existing Nordic HPC infrastructure by adding a quantum computing environment. Users will enjoy a versatile, yet unified environment consisting of several Nordic quantum computers and quantum computer simulators. This increases the overall value of the ecosystem, by enabling prompt uptake of high-end quantum computing technologies in a wide range of research communities.

Key Factors

Project duration

2022 - 2025

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NeIC, NordForsk

Cooperation Partners

  • CHALMERS University of Technology, SE
  • CSC - IT Center for Science, FI
  • DTU Technical University of Denmark, DK
  • Simula Research Laboratory, NO
  • University of Tartu, EE
  • VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, FI

Project Type

Competence project

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