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ShowMe - How to communicate medical registry data to citizens in an understandable manner?

How to communicate medical registry data to citizens in an understandable manner?

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Project goal

The project goal is to develop digital services for health professionals and women in the cervical cancer screening program. VisMeg (ShowMe) will develop models and methods to present complex medical data to diverse groups in a precise and understandable manner. In a larger perspective, VisMeg is relevant and transferrable to other types of screening programs and health registries.

Cervical cancer

Cervical cancer can be prevented through regular screening of cell samples from the cervix. However, the regular medical developments lead to changes in sample types and screening intervals, which may cause uncertainty in sample interpretation and selection of appropriate follow-ups among screening participants and medical practitioners.

To date, the Cancer Registry’s routines for delivery of data are manual and time consuming. The public and medical professionals expect digital, immediate access to sample results and history. However, registry data are not readily understandable for the participants and cause unjustified worry. Communicating registry data and sample results to diverse groups in a precise and understandable manner is the greatest research challenge.

A decision support system will facilitate that samples are taken at appropriate intervals. Screening participants will gain insight into how their data is stored, who can access it, and how it is secured. This may improve user trust and stimulate increased sharing of medical data. The data can then be utilized for the benefit of women and the health services.


VisMeg is a collaboration between the Norwegian Cancer Registry, SINTEF, and the Norwegian Cancer Society. SINTEF contributes competence in data modelling, visual communication, and user-centric development. The Norwegian Cancer Society will, through its large network and user panels, contribute to gaining user insight and evaluating the projects outputs.

Researchers expect that VisMeg will reduce the time the Cancer Registry requires to deliver health data. An optimally timed screening program will improve resource use in the public health system and improve the overall health of the public. Models, methods, and tools will be made public so that results can be reused.

Cooperation Partners

The Cancer Registry of Norway (project owner) and The Norwegian Cancer Society

Project Type

Innovation project in the public sector


ShowMe has received funding from The Research Council of Norway under the project No 321081.

Key Factors

Project duration

2021 - 2025