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Nordic Energy Outlooks

The aim of Nordic Energy Outlooks is to: “Strengthen Nordic research competence and cooperation in the field of energy systems analysis, by building on existing national research programs” [Nordic Energy Research]

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This collaboration aims to analyse results from existing national energy research and recognize why different models, analytical methods or research environments give different solutions to the same problem. As a result, the collaboration aims to identify the shape and placement of the need for more joint Nordic energy research.

Methods and Strategy:


WP1: Bioenergy and links to agriculture & LULUCF in a Nordic context

Participants: SINTEF Energy cooperating with NIBIO, KTH, IVL and Energistyrelsen

WP2: Increased electrification – new electricity generators and consumers

Participants: SINTEF Energi, UiO, IFE, IVL and Energistyrelsen

WP3: Energy efficiency and conservation in a Nordic perspective

Participants: SINTEF Energi cooperating with SINTEF Community, IFE, KTH, IVL and Energistyrelsen

WP4: Fossil free and resource efficient transport and transport infrastructure

Participants: SITNEF Energi cooperating with SINTEF Community, IFE, IVL and Energistyrelsen


Nordic Energy Outlooks (NEO) is a programme financed by the Norwegian Research Council through Nordic Energy Research. SINTEF Energ Research is appointed to be project leader for the program.


Key Factors

Project duration

2021 - 2023