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NCS C+ – The Norwegian Continental Shelf: A Driver for Climate-Positive Norway

About NCS C+

The main goal of NCS C+ is to advance the development of four, climate-positive technologies. These four climate-positive also enable to leverage the assets of the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS) to support the safe and cost-efficient implementation of the CO2’s subsequent transport and storage.

NCS C+ paths towards a climate-positive society

To reach this goal, NCS C+ has outlined seven objectives:

  1. To develop and mature four climate-positive technologies through modelling, experiments, and testing, in order to provide a basis for their implementation in the short- and long-term;
  2. To develop a methodology that enables climate-positive to be benchmarked based on their large-scale contribution to achieving global climate goals in regard to technical, cost and environmental aspects;
  3. To evaluate the techno-economic, socio-economic and environmental performances of the selected climate-positive concepts in order to identify the most promising ones and their potential drawbacks;
  4. To provide insight into how climate-positive technologies can be integrated into the repurposing potential of infrastructures, assets and competences on the NCS in order to drive a climate-positive Norway;
  5. To provide insight into the legal aspects and public acceptance of climate-positive technologies;
  6. To develop a roadmap for the industrialisation and future widespread future exploitation of climate-positive technologies driven by the NCS, conveying the lessons learned within the project as well as recommendations; and
  7. To strengthen international collaboration and establish Norwegian leadership on climate-positive technologies.