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MOGLiS - MOF@rGO-based cathodes for Li-S Batteries


The MOGLiS project is a collaboration between SINTEF, Warsaw University of Technology and Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

    • Role: Synthesis and fabrication of MOFs structure for the specific application and fabrication of thin GO-based film.
    • Key personnel: Luca Ansaloni, Saravanan Janakiram, Richard Blom, Tor Olav Sunde
  • Warsaw University of Technology (Project Coordinator)
    • Key personnel: Project Coordination; fabrication of flexible Li-S cathodes and their electrochemical characterization; building of Li-S full cell demonstrator.
    • Key personnel: Prof. Marek Marcinek, Prof. Maciej Marczewski
  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
    • Role: Synthesis and optimization of MOF@rGO structures for Li-S cathode fabrication
    • Key personnel: Prof. Liyuan Deng, Dr. Arne Lindbråthen

Besides expert technological transnational partnership, MOGLiS also benefits from strong industrial advisory board consisting of two functional material producers and one battery manufacturer.

Figure 2 Industrial Advisory board of MOGLiS