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Helserom Helgeland

This is an innovation project aiming at developing a new service model that ensures that patients in Helgeland have access to equal and coordinated medical follow-up, treatment and emergency care at home or in a local so-called Helserom (“Health Room”).

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The Helserom is an actual room in a local community, for example in the doctor's office, in the nursing home or in another municipal building,. The room contains medical equipment and technology that gives patients, relatives, municipal health personnel – local as well as from other municipalities, and the specialist health service, new interaction tools and flexible solutions for access to expertise and equipment.

The service model will contribute to increased access to health services in or near the patient’s home, reduced travel burden for patients and health personnel, increased experience of professional security and belonging to a professional community for local health personnel in small places, reduced number of admissions, and reduced costs in the health service.

The innovation in the Helserom Helgeland project is not primarily development of new technology, but rather in developing an advanced and sustainable service model that ensures cross-functional interaction, creates a flexible and quality-supporting form of organization and puts existing technology together in new ways that ensure a comprehensive health service arranged for several patient groups.

The service model is developed in co-creation between health personnel in municipalities and hospitals in Helgeland, and is based on needs, desired gains and selected processes identified through insight work in the project's first phase. Development of the model is initially based on a process for clarifying orthopedic challenges locally through a collaborative consultation. This is carried out by the patient attending a physiotherapist locally instead of travel to the orthopedist at the hospital.

The orthopedist participates in the consultation via HoloLens and Whereby which allow the orthopedist to communicate both with the physiotherapist and the patient. The orthopedist can also monitor the examinations and possibly guide the physiotherapist through the HoloLens glasses.

Key Factors

Project duration

2021 - 2025

Project Management

SINTEF is responsible for the R&D activities in the project, while overall the project has a three-part management where Helgelandssykehuset has the project management (project manager is Astri Gullesen), and Brønnøy municipality is the project owner (the project's administrative manager is Tonje Johansen).

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The Research Council of Norway

Cooperation partners

The Helgeland Hospital, Brønnøy municipality, Dønna municipality, Rødøy municipality, and Checkware.

Project type

Innovation project in public sector (IPO).

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