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Globally, the food chain is estimated to account for 33% of the total GHG emissions. Reduction of these emissions will require advanced technology, innovation and research. In this project, we will address these challenges we will suggest practical and efficient solutions to provide a sustainable cold chain for the food sector with decreased carbon emissions.

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Over the whole food chain, approximately 60 % of the food is refrigerated at some point, to maintain food quality and safety. This is an energy intensive process and a big source of emissions. The food industry has already made significant efforts to reduce the use of primary energy. Currently, an important share of this reduction was performed through relatively simple improvements, e.g. optimisation procedures, improved maintenance, operational modifications. A further reduction of specific energy use and emissions would require additional efforts by applying advanced technologies and significant changes to operational practices.

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The overall concept of the ENOUGH project is to support the EU’s sustainable farm to fork Strategy by providing the European food industry with the knowledge, tools, and evidence to identify how they will be able to achieve the EU decarbonisation targets in 2030 and 2050. whilst maintaining food security and affordability for EU consumers and economic opportunity for the EU food industry. ENOUGH will:

  • Identify greatest potential for reduction
  • Develop, adapt, and apply new technologies
  • Integrate streamline processes
  • Demonstrate technologies to stakeholders

The project is coordinated by SINTEF Ocean and includes 30 project partners with extensive knowledge and proven expertise in the food industry, cold chain management and advanced refrigeration systems and processes. The partners are from research institutes and universities (SO, LSBU, UoB, INRAE, KU Leuven, CNR, TU Graz, NTNU, VMU, SUT, VCBT, UNIVPM, UGOE), industry (ENEX, ENGIE, Eletica, Campden BRI, VISD, EPTA, Arçelik, Rørosmeieriet, Optiflux, City FM, FrostX, Yeo Valley, Star Refrigeration, MMC First Process), associations (ANIA), federations (EFFoST) and organisations (IIR).

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Project duration

01/10/2021 - 01/09/2025