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DeMoKab – Design, Modelling, and Testing of HVDC Cable Insulation for the Future Electrical Grid

In DeMoKab, the objective is to investigate how the insulation materials currently used in high-voltage direct current (HVDC) cables withstand temporary overvoltages that may occur in future power grids.

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Simulations have indicated that cables in the future HVDC transmission grids for electric energy in the North Sea and other places may be subjected to temporary overvoltages significantly different in duration, amplitude, and waveform from what is currently observed.

As these cables, like all other electrical power components, are designed to pass type tests, this implies that the insulation system of today's HVDC cables is essentially not designed or tested dielectrically for the overvoltages expected in future grids.

In DeMoKab, laboratory experiments will be conducted to investigate how overvoltages of varying duration affect insulation systems used in HVDC cables, both in lapped oil/paper-insulated cables and extruded polyethylene-insulated cables.

Project partners:

This project is an Innovation Projects for the Industrial Sector  partly funded by the Research Council of Norway.


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Project duration

2021 - 2026

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