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CleanOFF Hub

About CleanOff Hub

Main objective: Develop innovative, cost-efficient concepts for clean offshore energy hubs for supplying low-carbon heat and power to existing and planned offshore oil and gas clusters.

This will be possible by achieving the following sub-objectives:

  1. Provide two optimised hub concepts: one based on renewables and hydrogen energy storage, and one based on compact carbon capture.
  2. Identify viable ways of ensuring a stable voltage and frequency for the optimised energy hub concepts, including converter control and power management strategies.
  3. Identify CO2 capture technologies that deliver a high degree of decarbonisation of energy production, while ensuring efficiency, low manning and compactness.
  4. Develop methodologies for co-optimizing the heat and power supply in the offshore energy system, and conceptualise the hubs at sea.
  5. Identify the potential of the hub concepts to decarbonise offshore oil & gas production, and outline a roadmap towards sustainability in the Norwegian petroleum sector.
  6. Educate one Postdoc researcher and at least two master's students on the topics of hydrogen storage technologies modelling and system design and integration.

Organisation, management and contacts: