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SICALC is a new service model for calculation of air traffic noise.

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NORTIM software

SICALC is based on the NORTIM software, and has been established by Avinor, the Norwegian Defence Estates Agency (NDEA), and SINTEF. NORTIM is the Norwegian model for aircraft noise. SICALC was made available for Avinor and NDEA in 2023, and in 2024 it will be available for other users.

Efficient calculation of aircraft noise

The purpose of SICALC is to facilitate more efficient calculation of aircraft noise for everyone. SICALC supports the long-term goal of digitalization of technical services in society. One of the goals of the development is to reduce time and cost by omitting the need for manual work in standard noise calculations.

SICALC is a web-based service

SICALC is based on a leap in calculation technology as a foundation for fast execution time. SICALC is a web-based service, available in most common browsers. The service is based on a comprehensive and quality-controlled database on air traffic and offers noise calculation services everywhere in Norway. All data are quality controlled by SINTEF.

SICALC is compliant with current Norwegian noise exposure regulations and provides required documentation on noise for land use planning, building and construction approval. Support for EU regulations and documentation according to directive 2002/49/EC is included.

Available for subscribed users

Currently, SICALC offers a web-based user interface tailored to the requirements of the individual user types, and is available for subscribed users. In the future, an API may be available to advanced users who want to connect their software to the service.

Key Factors

Project duration

2020 - 2024


Avinor and Norwegian Defence Estates Agency

Project type

Customer financed

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