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Rock anchoring for stabilization of infrastructures with focus on the arching effect and rock-grout bond

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Grouted anchor may fail in one or more than one of the following modes:

  • along a conical surface in the rock mass
  • in the rock-grout bond
  • in the grout-strand bond
  • in the strand or anchor top

The primary objective of the ROCARC is to find an updated dimensioning approach for rock anchoring that leads to a realistic and economic solution to the dimensioning of rock anchors. It will be investigated (1) how the anchor load is transferred to the rock mass and how the failure occurs in the rock mass (failure Mode 1); (2) how the load-bearing arch is established in the rock mass under the load of the anchor; (3) how the rock-grout bond strength is to be realistically determined; and (4) guidelines for rock anchoring design.

Budget: 13.255 million NOK

Research Partners: SVV, Multiconsult, University Tromsø, Norconsult, NGI, SINTEF, NORSAR

Project Owner: NTNU/IGP

Project manager and contact person: Charlie Li, NTNU

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Key Factors

Project duration

2020 - 2024

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