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Nordic Early Warning Early Prevention System

Statnett and Svenska kraftnät want to develop and demonstrate a common information system for stability monitoring and control applications in the Nordic transmission grid, with main focus on Sweden and Norway.

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The NEWEPS (Nordic Early Warning Early Prevention System) project will demonstrate a system, which will use and further develop stability monitoring methods already developed in national and Nordic research projects. The demonstration aims to prove that a common industry system for control and protection of the system stability can be developed. The demonstration will specify the methods for getting better system awareness and new wide area warning and control systems.

The NEWEP system will comprise the following characteristics, which require innovative solutions:

  • The demonstration shall have a modular structure that enables connecting and testing various monitoring and control applications developed by different organisations, e.g. TSOs, universities and research institutes
  • All interfaces between the modules in the system aims to be standardised in such a way that it is easy to add new assessment methods or applications without changing the core of the system.
  • The demonstration will include applications for wide area monitoring and indicators for critical system states. The main focus is on indicators for voltage and frequency stability and damping of electromechanical oscillations.
  • The assessment modules aim to be able to create and identify suggestions for automatic control actions or proposed actions to the control room personnel for improving the system stability.
  • A coordination module aims to co-ordinate outputs from different assessment modules in order to avoid conflicting controls that may deteriorate the system state.
  • The system will also develop demonstration of- and assess visualization methods for control centre personnel to monitor the operation and assist in decision making.

SINTEF is responsible together with RISE for the work package that will develop a platform for validation with offline simulations and experimental testing; a coordination module and a visualization module.


The project will be carried out in collaboration with universities, research institutions, and the supplier industry.

This is an Innovation Project for the Industrial Sector partly financed by the Research Council of Norway.


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Project duration

2020 - 2024

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