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MyMS - Co-designing tools to support self-mastering of Multiple Sclerosis

The goal of the project EgenMS is that people with MS (and eventually others with chronic diseases) should get a tool that makes it better to live with the disease in daily life, and easier to communicate how they feel about relatives and the health service.

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Chronic diseases are the leading cause of loss of life and quality of life globally. Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a serious chronic disease that affects the central nervous system. It affects young adults and lasts a lifetime. There is no curative medicine. Patients with chronic diseases such as MS are in contact with the health service a few times a year, and with the specialist health service perhaps only once a year. These meetings are important for the follow-up of the disease, but only give a snapshot of how the person living with the disease is feeling.

The MyMS-project will develop and test tools that the individual can use to document and communicate how they feel in everyday life. The project is really user-driven and follows the principles of user insight and co-design. In this way, we ensure that patient preferences control the content, while researchers control the choice of method, testing, and implementation. The methods we use are digital group interviews and individual testing of prototypes.

Key Factors

Project duration

2020 - 2022

Do you live with MS, and do you want to participate in this project? Please contact Charlotte J. Haug by e-mail:

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