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More GoJelly! Serious games for serious communication: Jellyfish mucus as a solution for microplastic pollution

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Jellyfish on the beach
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With More GoJelly!, SINTEF Ocean will involve several more stakeholders from science, the food industry and industry associations, including producers, processors and retailers through various workshops to further assess the commercial opportunities associated with jellyfish as a resource.

The More GoJelly! project will allow us to increase the participation of these Norwegian actors, and we will conduct a workshop in Trondheim with the relevant industry actors to jointly define the key indicators for the sustainability (environmental and social), resilience and integrity, and define future scenarios and challenges based on the changes in the regulations and policies that would be necessary to be able to use jellyfish byproducts as a resource for these industries.

More GoJelly! will thereby allow for a better understanding of the functioning of food value chain dynamics in Norway by developing a national network of industry and industry associations that will be linked to the existing EU project. 

In addition, More GoJelly! will expand the Norwegian partnership and conduct two workshops; one in Bergen and one in Tromsø; focusing on future generations perceptions of both microplastics and use of “new” resources as food, feed, cosmetics and other uses within the context of changing global climate and clean ocean scenarios. These future generations will be sources from existing partnerships with high schools in these cities, as well as universities where the partners are affiliated.

We will work with Trondheim based House of Knowledge to develop serious games which will make complexity fun. These Serious Games have set goals and learning outcomes that can be tailored to meet specific needs of GoJelly that creates storilines that stimulate to reflection, making complex topics compensable and facilitate strategic reflections.

Because of the travel restrictions following Covid-19, we will further develop these games to enable the remote gaming possibility using iPads and smartphones. 


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2020 - 2021

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