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Interdisciplinary Education and Research Platform in Cold-Chain of Fish: From Norway to Japan


Main objective is to establish an internationally recognized interdisciplinary education and research platform for students and young researchers in the area of cold-chain of fish and seafood between Norway and Japan that can provide the participants with in-depth knowledge in their specific study field as well as training on interdisciplinary research.

The education and R&D activate on the following complex challenges will make an important impact on the cold-chain development:

  1. Decreasing of wastes during processing and handling of fish: Zero-Wastes approach
  2. Effective separation and utilization of rest-raw materials for human consumptions
  3. Efficient chilling, freezing and storage solutions, which satisfy the requirement to product quality, required high capacity, energy efficiency and sustainability
  4. Long high-quality shelf-life, which provide fresh and valuable products to consumers and increased flexibility in retail sector

The successful solutions of these complex tasks will affect the economics and social sector of both countries. However, this requires developed infrastructure, new interdisciplinary knowledge, academic staff and competent specialists.

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This project is financed by the Research Council of Norway.

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Project duration

2020 - 2023

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Contact at NTNU

Ignat Tolstorebrov

Ignat Tolstorebrov

Researcher NTNU, Department of Energy and Process Engineering