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Flexible solutions for energy storage at Tiller VGS

The project is a concept evaluation for innovative energy and climate solutions in buildings, building areas and energy systems.

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The evaluation would be conducted in connection with new constructions as well as renovation of existing buildings at Tiller high school (Tiller VGS).

The new plans for the building complex included covering most of the available roof space with solar panels, and the concept evaluation will mainly focus on an accompanying energy storage system to increase the utilization potential of the solar panels as well as achieving peak shaving during high load periods for both heat and electricity.

Innovative concepts for heat storage by use of phase change materials (PCM) as well as electrochemical energy storage through new Li-ion batteries, used EV batteries or saltwater batteries, would be evaluated. Combining heat and electrochemical energy storage with solar panels, grid and district heating would require an advanced energy management system.

The project should  evaluate which requirements and specifications such a system must meet. The evaluation would in addition to performance and technical suitability, also include an assessment of costs (both cap ex and op ex), size in terms of area requirements, health and safety concerns as well as potential for reduced CO2 emissions. 

Project partners: 

The project is financed by: Enova and Trøndelag county council

Key Factors

Project duration

2020 - 2021

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