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eNeuron - Green Energy Hubs for Local Integrated Energy Communities Optimization

The main goal of the eNeuron project is to develop innovative tools for the optimal design and operation of local energy communities (LECs) integrating distributed energy resources and multiple energy carriers at different scales.

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This goal will be achieved, by having in mind all the potential benefits achievable for the different actors involved and by promoting the Energy Hub concept, as a conceptual model for controlling and managing multi-carrier and integrated energy systems in order to optimize their architecture and operation.

The project will be coordinated by ENEA (IT) and comprises 17 European partners, including Skagerak Nett AS, which will host a pilot study at its PV installation "Skagerak Energilab".

The proposal was developed within EERA Joint Program Smart Grids cooperation. The project's official initiation date was postponed due to covid-situation until 2020-11-01.

The project is a part of H2020 Call LC-SC3-ES-3 "Integrated local energy systems" (Energy Islands).


Key Factors

Project duration

2020 - 2024