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Data driven road construction sites

Artificial intelligence for more sustainable road construction

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In Norway, construction machines are idling almost half of their working hours. In addition, they are responsible for one fifth of the greenhouse gasses from the building and construction industry.

On the other hand, imagine a road construction project where each machine always knows where the others are, what they are doing and what is the optimal way to organize the work. To realize this, we need algorithms that can recognize effective routing, find out which machines are needed where, and can coordinate all machinery. Unnecessary waiting time, idling, and unnecessary work will be significantly reduced while road construction will become more sustainable.

To reach this scenario, Skanska is now leading a research project (Pilot-E) with SINTEF, Volvo and Ditio, on how to exploit available data and utilize artificial intelligence to reduce climate gas emission and costs, in addition to reducing construction time.

Researchers from SINTEF Digital will develop solutions for automated real-time allocation of machinery, based on data that Skanska is continuously logging. Together we will apply machine learning and routing to optimize construction and reduce emission of climate gases. The developed digital tool will be made commercially available to the entire industry in their efforts towards the sustainability goals.

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