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Norway's position as an energy-exporting country is changing due to decarbonization of the European energy market. To fulfil the Paris Agreement, CO2 emissions must be reduced in all parts of the energy value chain from generation to end-use. There is a surge to replace fossil-fuelled energy generation with carbon-free alternatives and renewable generation, and a need to ramp up deployment of CO2 capture and storage (CCS). This ongoing transition of the energy system creates both opportunities and challenges for the utilization of Norway's fossil energy and renewable electric power resources.

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The CleanExport project will provide strategic guidance and investment support for exploiting Norway's potential for clean energy export.

To this end, the project will develop a holistic, integrated energy-system model of electric power, hydrogen and natural gas with CCS, specifically designed for analysing clean Norwegian energy export. This holistic approach will enable the CleanExport project to explore new investments and alternative utilization of existing energy export infrastructure from Norway to Europe.

Through extensive scenario evaluations in line with prevailing European policies and strategies, the project will identify pathways to maintain Norway's position as an energy-exporting country.

Furthermore, it will investigate how Norwegian energy resources can be best utilized for clean energy export and in which way Norway can contribute to fulfilling the Paris climate agreement. 

Project partners:

  • Equinor
  • Total E&P Norge
  • Gassco
  • Agder Energi
  • Air Liquide

Research partners:

  • SINTEF Industry
  • NTNU

This project is a Knowledge-building Project for Industry partly financed by the Research Council of Norway.


Key Factors

Project duration

2020 - 2024

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