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Biodiversity monitoring based on bioacoustics and AI

We aim to develop technology that makes the most of bioacoustics recordings. Our focus is on understanding ecosystems and their inhabitants, as well as assessing the impact of restoration efforts and human activity.

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Photo: Gelderblom/SINTEF

Many of our projects focus on bridging the gap between the abundance of audio data and its meaningful interpretation. Here we specifically aim to reduce the manual labour required for adapting AI models to the need of the user. This is key to unlocking the potential in all of today's existing bioacoustics datasets with wildly different setups, different sources/species and different requirements of specialists. 

We don't need 'Yet Another Model'; we need a framework for researchers and policymakers that provide models adjusted to specific needs through minimal effort.

The fact that we're located in Norway offers us excellent access to extensive (protected) wetlands, and generally diverse nature with large variations in landscapes, habitats, plants and animals over short distances in addition to a challenging climate.

Together, SINTEF and NINA aim to provide ecologists and conservationists with the tools they need for informed decision-making.

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Project duration

2020 - 2023

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NINA: Norwegian Institute for Nature Research

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