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Advanced Radio Frequency Interference Detection Alerting and Analysis System II - ARFIDAAS II

Radio Frequency Interference signals which prevent the use of satellite navigation systems represent an infrastructure threat, but little is known about the prevalence, parameters, or evolution over time of this threat. The ARFIDAAS II project endeavours to observe and report on these disruptions to critical infrastructure.

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Aiden Morrison holds a GNSS Jamming device. Photo: Morrison/SINTEF

The ARFIDAASII project has allowed SINTEF to create the largest known database of multi-frequency multi-constellation radio frequency interference threats and events impacting global navigation satellite signals. The design, production and deployment of numerous monitoring stations over many European nations including Norway continues to provide reporting of detected events to inform policymakers of the scope and dimensions of the threats against satellite navigation systems.

Key Factors

Project duration

2020 - 2024


European Space Agency (ESA) Navigation Industry Support Program (NAVISP) project

Cooperation partner

The University of Helsinki

Project type

NAVISP Element 3

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The project's homepage

The project's employees

Nadezda Sokolova

Nadezda Sokolova

Senior Research Scientist
Anja Diez

Anja Diez

Research Scientist
Jan Erik Håkegård

Jan Erik Håkegård

Senior Research Scientist