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ENERLYTE - Next Generation Li-ion Electrolytes

The overall objective of ENERLYTE is to generate knowledge of liquid, polymeric and composite based of electrolytes suitable for high voltage Li-ion batteries.

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Li ion batteries are critical to many of the personal electronics and most electric cars in the world today.  The future of these batteries is based upon increasing energy density by raising the voltage to 5V.  However, this approach is currently limited by the oxidative stability limit of the electrolyte.  

Enerlyte proposes to address this problem, and increase safety in high-voltage Li ion batteries, in three ways: 

  • Find replacements for the traditional liquid electrolyte formulations

The 2nd and 3rd approaches aim to remove the liquid electrolyte from batteries altogether, reducing flammability and contamination risk on battery failure. 

  • Develop 5 V stable, solid polymer electrolytes and improve understanding of SPE mechanisms and requirements.   
  • Develop 5 V stable, solid polymer, ceramic composite electrolyte to further improve energy density. 

Application type: Strategic internal funding 
Total budget: 12 mill kroner 
SINTEF Budget: 12 
Funding source: SINTEF base funding by NFR 

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Key Factors

Project duration

2019 - 2022