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Automatized follow-up of safety instrumented systems

The project will develop specifications that simplify and automate design and operation of safety systems in the petroleum industry. The industry partners will, based on the R&D activities in the project, develop new solutions for collecting, analyzing and sharing failure data of safety systems during design and operation.

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To maintain a high safety level in the Norwegian petroleum activities, the technical condition on safety systems protecting the facilities, need to be closely monitored. As of today, monitoring of technical status requires considerable manual effort in extracting and interpreting data from different systems and sources. Digitalization and increased automation will contribute to improved data accuracy and control of safety system reliability as well as more cost-effective operations and resources to identify and implement long-term improvement measures. The industry project partners who wish to carry out this project in close cooperation with ongoing development projects are:


  1. suppliers of safety systems Kongsberg Maritime and Siemens,
  2. consulting companies Lloyd's Register and Safetec,
  3. engineering company Aker Solutions,
  4. operating companies implementing the solutions Aker BP, ConocoPhillips, Equinor, Lundin, Repsol, and Teekay, and
  5. research institutions SINTEF and NTNU that contribute with research-based methods and knowledge to the industry. Industry project partners plan to invest in technology that can increase the degree of automation in their products.

The project is funded by the PETROMAKS 2-programme from the Norwegian Research Council.

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Project duration

2019 - 2022