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WtE 2030

The main target is to contribute to keeping this sector competitive and performant as it is at the center of a complex web of interests (the public, politics, energy, economy, environment) in the development of circular economy.

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Primary objective:

Strengthen the position of WtE in the Norwegian renewable energy future by knowledge-based improvement of energy, environmental and economic performance

Secondary objectives:

  • Obtain optimum WtE plant operation through increased stability and predictability, giving increased energy efficiency, decreased emissions and consumables use and increased plant capacity and availability
  • Develop a dynamic modelling approach; supported by extensive data mining and industrial experience, combined with advanced sensors for online fuel characterisation, to achieve optimum WtE plant operation
  • Evaluate the feasibility of heat storage and fly ash valorisation
  • Evaluate the impact of the circular economy on the WtE sector
  • Educate skilled graduates and undergraduates for the WtE sector
  • Disseminate the project' results both nationally and internationally

WtE and the society (waste management – energy – environment – economy – politics – public)

  • WtE is a EnergiX KPN project co-funded by the Research Council of Norway and industry parters (see below).
  • Funding 17.7 MNOK
  • Project period: 2018-2020

Key Factors

Project duration

2018 - 2020